Pasig River’s ranking as world’s biggest contributor to ocean plastic pollution to prompt gov’t action

Malacañang called the ranking of Pasig River as the biggest contributor to plastic pollution in the world a “badge of dishonor” that could prompt “radical” actions to rehabilitate the Pasig River.

The Philippines, an archipelagic nation, has frequently been listed among the top contributors to marine plastic pollution along with China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The Climate Change Commission said the findings of the study raised “extreme concern” on the issue of mismanaged plastic waste in the country.

The House of Representatives recently approved on second reading a bill which seeks to regulate the production, importation, sale, use and disposal of single-use plastic products. At the Senate, counterpart measures are still pending at the committee level.

In February, after 20 years, the National Solid Waste Management Commission included plastic soft drink straws and coffee stirrers in the list of non-environmentally acceptable products.

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