Upcycled: Old beverage cartons now used to create furniture

A Swiss food packaging company partnered with social enterprises that promote and produce eco-creative products, to create furniture out of Used Beverage Cartons.

Tetra Pak previously launched a “Food Safety and Beverage Carton Recycling Forum” in 2019 to give importance to taking care of environmental health via the promotion of cartons and recycling.

In 2020, the initiatives included working with social enterprises, waste collection partners and recyclers to produce durable materials from used beverage cartons.

Their small-scale partner JunkNot features pieces made entirely from recycled materials in their collection “Araling Mesa at Upuan.”

The table and chair set used reclaimed wood pallets, five kilos of used beverage cartons and half a kilo of plastic waste.

JunkNot said, “Instead of incinerating our waste or it ending up in the ocean or in a landfill, with this upcycling solution, we can keep waste at home in a functional way.”

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