Over 55,000 COVID-19 Cases in EU Confirmed

Europe, the new epicenter of the novel coronavirus pandemic, is facing a serious situation as more than 55,000 cases have been confirmed, according to the World Health Organization.

Italy reported 3,233 more cases on Monday, bringing its total number to 27,980. The country is the most affected in Europe, with 349 more deaths, 2,158 in total. 

France reported 6,633 confirmed cases and 148 deaths, the Health Ministry announced on Monday. French President Emmanuel Macron urged people to stay at home and said the nation is “at war” against the coronavirus. Its European borders will be closed as of Tuesday noon.

Germany reported a jump in coronavirus cases by more than 1,100 to 6,012, with 13 deaths.

Spain reported a total of 9,942 cases, with 342 deaths as of Tuesday morning. The Spanish government said it would close its land borders from Tuesday.

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