How the UK is turning tonnes of food waste into green energy

Most of the 6.7 million tons of food wasted in the UK every year is collected by local authorities, who bring it to landfills.

But the country is also a global leader in tackling food waste and is increasingly relying on anaerobic digestion technology to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by food waste in landfills.

Anaerobic digestion converts waste food matter into biomethane in the absence of oxygen, generating green, renewable energy and nutrient-rich biofertilizer, which can be applied to agricultural land.

At present, there are 579 anaerobic digestion plants in the country and the government is planning to bring this number up to 900.

Solving the problem of food waste is a complex issue involving different stages of the food supply chain and varies greatly in different areas of the world. But as researchers have shown some 60% of this food waste happens at home, customers can immediately be part of the solution.

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