Vlogger ‘The Hungry Syrian Wanderer’ is now a proud Filipino citizen

Content creator Basel Manadil, popularly known as The Hungry Syrian Wanderer, revealed he is now a Filipino citizen.

In his latest video blog on his YouTube channel which has over 4.3 million subscribers, Basel showed his Filipino passport, revealing he has been a Filipino citizen since 2019.

Basel said, “Look at this. Filipino ‘yan, mga tao. You see, kalbo ako diyan. So, I have had this since 2019, and this is the first time I ever talked about it.”

Basel said the reason why he only shared it this year after two years of being Filipino is to cherish the moment by himself.

He added, “The only reason why I didn’t share this with anybody, well not yet at this moment, is because when I got this in 2019, I wanted to have that moment for myself. I am considered Filipino and my blood is Filipino plus.”

Basel rose to fame online with his vlogs about the Filipino culture. Last 2019, he was trending for his vlog about the alleged booming economy of the Philippines.

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