More than trade: China-Europe Railway Express

The China-Europe Railway Express, a freight rail network connecting China and Europe along the New Silk Road, plays a significant role in building bridges between Belt and Road Initiative-participating countries.

The railway’s unique strengths during the COVID-19 pandemic allowed a large amount of cargo to be transported at a time when daily necessities and medical aid are badly needed.

Last year, 12,406 trains ran routes under the project, registering a 50-percent year-on-year increase, and 7.3 times 2016. Over 1.1 million product cases were transported, and among them there were 9.3 million pieces of COVID-19 essentials.

Helping countries along the route to deal with national emergencies is not the only good thing the BRI does. The project has always had wider implications.

In 2020, China’s non-financial direct investment in countries along the routes stood at 17.8 billion dollars, an increase of 18 percent year on year.

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