Covid-19 deaths continue to decline in June: DOH

Deaths due to the coronavirus continue to decline this month, the Department of Health said on Tuesday, June 15.

DOH Epidemiology OIC-Director Alethea de Guzman said the country’s mortality curve peaked in April with 3,563 total deaths and 119 average deaths per day. In May, it went down to 3,000 total deaths and 97 average deaths per day.

De Guzman said, “We have reported 720 deaths. We’re halfway through the month…but we want to push it down even more…we correlate this to enough beds in ICU.”

The decline of Covid-19 cases across the country has stalled and the current downtrend remains “fragile” due to minor uptick of infections in some areas the previous month, she added.

A slow decline was noted in the National Capital Region after a minor bump in the trend while the so-called NCR Plus areas — the provinces of Batangas, Laguna, Cavite and Rizal– have a less consistent case pattern.

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