Duterte tells public: Get vaccinated or die

President Duterte has advised people who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID to buy their coffins or prepare their cremation plans as they would surely die of the virus.

Duterte said the government has done everything it could to convince people to avail themselves of the vaccines, but others still refuse to do so.

During a pre-recorded public address, the President said, “(Once all the needed vaccines are purchased, there would be excess supply because many refuse to be inoculated.)”

He added, “(I will repeat: if you do not get vaccinated, you would really die. So plan your life, buy your coffin, have yourself cremated. Determine how much you will pay and find a slot in the cemetery. That’s the way it is. You do not want to be vaccinated? You will surely die.)”

Duterte said the government could not provide for those who do not want to get vaccinated with medicines that are not part of the national budget.

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