Filipino Chef Mark Singson’s halo-halo with tequila now in global cookbook

A halo-halo with a surprising addition of tequila by Vancouver-based Filipino chef Mark Singson has been featured in the new global cookbook by Japanese car brand Lexus.

The traditional Filipino dessert with a twist was featured in the second volume of “Culinary Perspectives.”

Singson said in the cookbook, “The traditional Filipino dessert Halo Halo normally contains seven or eight components including crushed ice, beans, jellies, nuts, puffed rice and much more. Halo Halo simply means ‘mix mix.’ For this version, I’ve simplified the components to four and looked to my home of Vancouver for inspiration.”

The runner-up of Top Chef Canada in 2018 added, “This recipe uses the beautiful local stone fruit of British Columbia as a garnish but during the fall months, I might use pumpkin as a garnish or whatever else inspires me from the area. If you’re in a rush, this is a perfect dessert since all ingredients can be made ahead of time.”

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