Depleting funds takes toll on travel industry

The travel and tours industry in Cebu is crying for help as depleting financial resources is already taking toll on their operations.

According to Desiree “Cookie” Chan, general manager of Southwind Travel and Tours, one of the largest travel agencies in Cebu, business continuity is still the sector’s biggest challenge.

Chan said, “As far as financial planning is concerned, the travel situation has not improved. In fact, it has worsened as we entered the middle of 2021.”

She emphasized that while local people are starting to move to domestic destinations, this interest is hampered by varying regulations imposed by each local government unit creating confusion and discouraging travel around the country.

Cebu Alliance of Tour Operators president Alice Queblatin expressed apprehensions on recovery of the travel and tour industry if travel regulations remain cluttered and unpredictable.

Chan lamented, “We are in financial distress.”

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