Walk-in vs appointment: Concerns amid long lines in Manila COVID-19 jab sites

Some Manila residents are calling on the city government to implement a more efficient vaccination system after pictures of lines as early as dawn circulated online.

A photo of Filipinos waiting for their turn to be vaccinated in SM Manila was shared by the Manila Public Information Office on its Facebook page on Wednesday.

The caption read, “NOW: Mall personnel accommodate patients who are lining up at SM Manila to receive their COVID-19 vaccines today. Photos taken at around 4:30 am.”

An online user criticized the city’s vaccine rollout system by highlighting the time when the photo was taken.

Similar comments were also seen under the Facebook post of the Manila PIO where some Filipinos questioned the time of the COVID-19 vaccination queue.

An online user wrote, “This is really disappointing.”

Many suggested the city government should set up an appointment system so that the crowd could be more regulated.

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