Young women in China are more career-oriented

In China, fewer women than men in the workplace are planning to get married, with a gap of over 20 percentage points.

When it comes to childbearing, more than 70 percent of working mothers currently choose not to have more than one child, and over 20 percent choose not to do so because of competitiveness in the workplace, compared with under 10 percent of working fathers.

According to research in 2011, 65 percent of more than 1,000 Chinese college-educated women surveyed consider themselves very ambitious, and 76 percent of them aspired to work in a top-notch profession. The figures are much higher than their American counterparts.

The cutting-edge digital industry is comparatively free of gender barriers, compared with some sectors with a rather limited presence of female higher-ups. In China’s national legislative body, for example, women only made up 25 percent of all the positions in 2021.

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