‘Justice never sleeps’: Families of Philippine drug war victims welcome ICC probe

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will not cooperate with an investigation into the country’s war on drugs planned by the International Criminal Court, his spokesperson said, while victims’ families cheered the move.

Normita Lopez, whose 23-year-old son was killed in May 2017 for allegedly resisting arrest during a sting operation, said she could not contain her happiness when she learned of the ICC prosecutor’s request to open a full investigation into the killings.

Lopez, among the many complainants to the ICC calling for Duterte’s international indictment over thousands of alleged extra-judicial killings, said, “I am happy because I realized that justice never sleeps. God is not sleeping, he always finds a way.”

In what human rights groups described as a landmark step towards justice, the ICC prosecutor asked the court to allow a full investigation into the killings in the brutal war on drugs, which Duterte unleashed when he took office in 2016.

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