Olivia Rodrigo wants to visit the Philippines

If you can’t wait to see Olivia Rodrigo live, she’s just as excited as you are! The Filipino-American singer gushed she would want to visit when the pandemic is over.

She said, “I really wanna go visit one day so I’m really hoping that I can come to the Philippines sooner rather than later. I hear it’s amazing and I can’t wait to meet all my Filipino fans.”

So what exactly has Olivia touched her songs with that made them so irresistible to almost everyone? Perhaps, her honesty all throughout the process of making Sour.

In a recent Zoom interview with Southeast Asia’s press people, the 18-year-old shared that she wrote all 11 songs on the album as honestly as she could.

She said it was an era in her life where it didn’t feel right to put love songs or happy upbeat tunes to the record. This was how, she said, the record turned out to follow a common “vibe” that many will resonate with. Olivia treats her songs like a diary that’s out and open to the world.

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