Not everyone is against cruise ships returning to Venice

Not everyone is against cruise ships using the famed lagoon to enter Venice. When a ship left the Italian city earlier this month, counter-protesters demonstrated in favor of cruise ships.

The cruise industry’s trade association is also in favour of making the ships use other routes instead of the famous Giudecca Canal but argued that the boats should still be allowed to access the lagoon.

A member of Cruise Lines International Italy said: “We don’t want to be a corporate villain. We don’t feel we should be treated as such. We feel we are good to the communities.”

He added tourism from cruise ships only make up a fraction of tourists who visit the city, around 5 percent, and that passengers tend to stay in the city for a day bay before or after docking, adding 200 dollars a day to the tourism economy.

There will now be two ships a week allowed into the lagoon. Before the pandemic, around 7 ships were using the lagoon every week.

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