Appy people

The old idea of not wasting food is catching on through a new platform, with a growing number of apps including Olio, Karma, and Hubbub.

It’s an increasingly important sector, says Too Good To Go app co-founder Jamie Crummie, adding, “We’re operating in 15 markets globally and we’ve rescued over 65 million meals from going to waste in five years.”

He calls Too Good To Go “a social impact company that fights food waste” as eco-conscious consumers pay a heavily discounted price for meals from businesses that would otherwise throw food away.

He explains, “You log on and you’ll see a list of participating food businesses. You purchase what we refer to as a ‘magic bag’ then collect it…The very nature of food waste is unpredictable, so it’s literally whatever’s left over. So if you’re rescuing a magic bag from a sushi restaurant, you might not know what sushi you’re going to be going home with but you can be pretty…sure it’s Japanese food.”

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