#BakaNaman: Netizens share twists on trending ‘litson baka’

Being stuck at home due to community quarantines brought out creative and innovative food ideas from Filipinos or as they call it, “quaranthingz.”

From Dalgona coffee to Baked Sushi, foodies are now putting different twists on Andok’s “litson baka” (or roast beef).

The social media trend began in late May, and Andok’s “buy five litson baka, get one free griller” promo seemed to be what started the buzz.

People are getting curious about the hype, because they only offer it at selected branches and it is sold out almost every day.

There is always a long queue in front of the famed grill brand since the reviews of their litson baka circulated online, so consider yourself lucky if it is available in your area.

The litson baka does not come with Andok’s typical gravy sauce. Instead it is paired with a spiced vinegar. Even though the plain one tastes good already, consumers are also coming up with different ways to make it more special and fun.

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