Pasig, other Philippine rivers among biggest contributors to ocean plastic pollution

The Philippines was the largest contributing country to the plastic waste that reaches the ocean, with the Pasig River ranked as the most polluting river in the world, a study by a Dutch nonprofit showed.

According to a study of The Ocean Cleanup published in Sciences Advances in April, the Philippines is home to 28% of the rivers responsible for ocean plastic pollution. The country had 466 rivers out of 1,656 that accounted for nearly 80% of plastic inputs to the ocean.

The 27-kilometer Pasig River was identified as the most polluted by plastics.

In 2019, President Duterte abolished the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, tasked to ensure the rehabilitation of Pasig River to its “historically pristine condition conducive to transport, recreation, and tourism.”

Previous studies found the Yangtze River in China—the third longest in the world—as the highest plastic emitting river but it only ranked 64th in the recent study.

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