Venezuela’s public sector surviving on ‘starvation salary’

Johany Perez, a stretcher-bearer at a Caracas hospital, earns a “starvation wage” of the minimum two dollars and twenty cents a month in a Venezuela wracked by a severe economic crisis.

However, like many staff at the Clinical University Hospital, one of the most important doctor training centers in the South American country, he won’t quit.

“I love my hospital,” said the 30-year-old, who has spent 14 years working there.

But he laments the “starvation wage that they call minimum and has become even more minimum because you can’t eat with this.”

“We’re working free for the state,” he added bitterly.

Many working in the public sector need to take second or even third jobs to make ends meet.

The highest monthly salary for someone working in public administration is less than 10 dollars, despite a 300-percent raise ordered by President Maduro.

In Venezuela, the minimum wage is not even enough to buy a kilogram of meat.

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