Nepal turns to China for vaccine help

Nepal resumed inoculations with a China-made jab as India’s neighbor turned to Beijing for help with supplies.

The landlocked country in South Asia halted inoculations at the end of May after its stock of AstraZeneca shots and Chinese Sinopharm jabs ran short.

The program resumed on June 8 after a million more Sinopharm doses arrived from China, the only country that has so far responded to its appeals for help.

India had previously supplied Nepal with the AstraZeneca vaccine from its manufacturer Serum Institute but in March froze vaccine exports as infections soared domestically.

A health ministry official said, “Nepal has sent requests to many countries including both neighbors, US, Russia and other countries but no additional vaccine has arrived yet.”

Barely two percent of the country’s people are fully vaccinated. Around 1.3 million people received one AstraZeneca dose in March but have since been unable to get a second jab.

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