Cruise ships return to Venice as protesters demand an immediate ban

A cruise ship in the Italian city of Venice received an unpleasant goodbye as hundreds of protesters rowed boats to meet it as it left the famous city’s lagoon. It is the first cruise ship to sail into Venice in 17 months, and to some, it was a surprise.

That was because the Italian government banned large vessels, like cruise ships, from the historic city center. Instead, they would have to dock outside the city.

However, the government is currently receiving bids on how to re-route the boats, and infrastructure to temporarily direct them to an industrial port will not be completed until next year.

Because of this, the ban is currently not in place in Venice, allowing ships like the MSC Orchestra that docked in the city on June 3 to continue doing so in the near future.

In addition to over-tourism, environmentalists are worried that these ships could further damage the lagoon, which is already at risk of damage from rising sea waters.

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