Raids worldwide as police reveal vast hack of criminal encryption platform

International law enforcement agencies on June 8 revealed a vast three-year global operation to infiltrate an encryption platform popular among criminal groups, resulting in hundreds of arrests worldwide.

Unveiling the “world’s most sophisticated” sting, law enforcement from New Zealand, Australia, the US and Europe revealed they had access to the supposedly secure ‘AN0M’ platform for years.

Forces monitored members of the mafia, Asian crime syndicates and outlaw motorcycle gangs discussed drug deals, money laundering and even gangland hits, resulting in hundreds of arrests.

The Australian Federal Police said in that country alone, a total of 224 people were now facing more than 500 charges while six underground drug labs were shut down and firearms and 45 million Australian dollars in cash was seized.

The federal police commissioner said, “We allege they’ve been trafficking illicit drugs into Australia at an industrial scale.”

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