Patrons of the most remote pub in the UK are raising funds to buy it

Deep in Scotland’s “last true wilderness” sits the UK’s most remote pub – the Old Forge in Inverie. It’s a single-story building built in 1880 and serves both the 90 residents of the small town it sits in and tourists. Although if you are planning on visiting it, the trip home is a lengthy one.

Due to its location, patrons need to take a 30-minute boat ride over an 11 kilometer stretch of water or a 28 kilometer hike through the Scottish Highlands.

Now, the owner of the pub is trying to sell it for 600,000 dollars, to the dismay of the locals who rely on it as a community hub.

A resident shared, “You would have birthday parties and Hallowe’en parties and all that sort of stuff in it. In such a small community, you need a place like that.”

Because of this, the local community has decided to try to purchase the pub for themselves, with the hope that they will soon be able to open it year-round instead of just during the tourist season.

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