Liza Soberano has always been fascinated with fantasy

Growing up in the United States and migrating to the Philippines when she was 10, Liza Soberano said it was her relatives that introduced her to Filipino folklore and mythological creatures like the “tyanak,” “aswang” and “kapre.”

A “tyanak” is a vampiric creature that takes the shape or form of a baby or a toddler while an “aswang” is the umbrella term for shape-shifting evil creatures.

She added that she has always been fascinated with fantasy and counts the “Harry Potter” books as her favorites.

Liza lends her voice to the Tahalog version of “Trese,” Netflix’s adaptation of the Filipino graphic novel written by Budjette Tan and illustrated by KaJO Baldisimo.

“Trese” is set in Manila where supernatural creatures live among unsuspecting humans. Detectives call on Alexandra Trese whenever mysterious cases of the supernatural kind arise. It premiered on June 11 with six episodes.

Nuno is Liza’s favorite character in the series.

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