‘Internal Checkpoints’ for Curfew During Lockdown

Jojo Garcia, general manager of the Metro Manila Development Authority, said that in order to “limit the virus, we need to limit the movement of people.”

Interior Secretary Eduardo Año said there would be “exemptions” on who would be covered by the curfew, which would largely be based on whether a person was involved in an “essential” or a “nonessential” activity.

The secretary said “people are advised to stay home.” However, he added that “if you come from [or are] reporting to work, or if you need to buy food and medicines, you’re exempted.”

Lieutenant General Guillermo Eleazar, deputy chief of operations of the Philippine National Police, said aside from police and military checkpoints on Metro Manila’s borders with adjacent provinces, there would also be “internal checkpoints” to impose the curfew.

Eleazar, however, said no arrests would be made “except when the apprehended individual resists.”

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