The power of emojis: How a 🤯 or a 👏🏽 in tweets engages more people

The restrictions associated with the novel coronavirus disease pandemic drove life online in 2020, where it will probably remain for much of 2021.

The way we communicate quickly pivoted to Zoom meetings, remote learning and messaging on social media. And in the absence of face-to-face interactions, people quickly became more reliant on emojis to help express their thoughts and feelings to an audience they can no longer see in person.

The digital shift has made the emoji an integral part of written language. Ninety-two percent of consumers online use some form of emoji in their communications. On Instagram, nearly half of the posts contain emojis. Emojis are now being described as “body language for the digital age.”

It comes as no surprise that many well-known brands have embedded emojis into their marketing communications. Many have even developed customized brand emojis tailored to their offerings.

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