‘The Apprentice’ Filipino finalist aids kids with cancer in business challenge

Before Filipino Louie Sangalang was a finalist in “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition,” he had to fight a battle against cancer.

The experience of surviving appendiceal cancer decades ago became a life-changing moment for him, so it was only fitting it would somehow be connected to his life once more in the show.

During a high-stakes business challenge that saw Sangalang book a ticket to the finale, the 43-year-old encountered cancer again — but this time in a more hopeful interaction.

Sangalang and partner Jessica Ramella were tasked to work with an NGO and stole the hearts of ONE Championship’s CEO and his right-hand woman in their project with LOVE, NILS — an NGO providing children with cancer and their caregivers healthcare guidance, emotional care and community support.

Sangalang developed a game-changer for the NGO with an AI chatbot to aid in bridging communities of those who suffer from cancer.

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