32% of food produced in the UK is never eaten

Of all the 21.7 million tonnes of food produced every year in the UK and purchased by Britons, at least 32 percent is never eaten.

Think of 100 million pints of milk tipped down the drain and 50 million chickens ending up in the garbage, untouched.

The tragedy of this number is not limited to the sheer waste of resources that could have been managed more efficiently – including freshwater, land and labor – and the moral weight it carries as millions of people go hungry every day across the world, but it continues unfolding after the food is already in the bin.

About 1.3 billion tonnes of all food produced for human consumption ends up in landfills every year, accounting for one trillion dollar losses in the food industry.

There, the food slowly decomposes, releasing carbon dioxide and methane, two of the most polluting greenhouse gases released in our atmosphere. Methane is about 23 times more deadly than carbon dioxide.

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