Liza Soberano recalls real-life experience with so-called ‘kapre’

Even a “kapre” couldn’t help but be mesmerized by Liza Soberano’s beauty.The actress deemed by TC Candler as 2017’s Most Beautiful Face shared at the virtual presscon for her upcoming Netflix original animated series “Trese” that a “kapre” (or supernatural gigantic creature that lives in trees) was once smitten with her.

Liza recalled that it happened when she spent a year in Pangasinan to study. There was a time that she was sick “every so often” and one day she woke up with a “big scratch” on her thigh. Her dad brought her to an “albularyo” (or folk healer).

Liza shared, “She closed her eyes and said there was a kapre looking through my window and my room. ‘May crush sa kanya ‘yung kapre.’ (laughs). That’s what the albularyo was saying. Stop making sampay her panty outside because baka anong gawin ng kapre to her panty.”

The actress clarified that she did not have any actual or face-to-face experience with a kapre.

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