Report says families now most dynamic force in travel

Families will have a major impact on the future of the travel industry as priorities dramatically shift to reconnecting with relatives during the coronavirus disease pandemic.

A May 2021 report by Airbnb revealed, “Pre-pandemic, travel was built around business. It made up just 12 percent of air travel but 75 percent of airline profits. Post-pandemic, families are the most dynamic force in travel.”

Out of the 10,000 respondents Airbnb asked across five countries, 42 percent identified themselves as “family-focused voyagers.”

The booking platform said families are also leading the way in redistributing travel “to everywhere” and in using rental homes for longer stays.

In Airbnb alone, family travel accounts for an increasing share of overall nights, growing globally from 27 percent of nights booked in summer 2019 to 33 percent in summer 2021.

Beach towns and theme parks, meanwhile, replaced cities as top family summertime destinations.

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