Pope Francis offers advice for when prayers seem to go unanswered

Pope Francis confronted the “scandal” of prayers that seem to go unanswered during his general audience by pointing to the hope found in the Resurrection, “when all human longings … will be fulfilled.”

The pope asked pilgrims gathered in Vatican City’s San Damaso Courtyard, “When people pray with a sincere heart, when they ask for things that correspond to the Kingdom of God, when a mother prays for her sick child, why does it sometimes seem that God does not listen?”

He added, “To answer this question, we need to meditate calmly on the Gospels.”

The pope stressed that “God’s time is not our time” and said that the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life are full of requests for prayer and healing.

He said, “We see that at times Jesus’ response is immediate, whereas in some other cases it is delayed and it seems that God does not answer.”

The pope explained that “prayer is not a magic wand,” but “a dialogue with God.”

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