Is it ‘splurging’ or ‘treating’ yourself?

Have you ever asked yourself if you are already splurging, or are just treating yourself after years of hard work? Is splurging a bad habit?

As online shopping is booming, e-commerce platforms tempt many to “add to cart,” especially as payday approaches. How can one differentiate “splurging” from “rewarding” oneself?

Psychology professor James Philip Ray Pinggolio said, “People buy stuff because they want to feel rewarded and be happy. When they are sad, anxious, or at times when they want to cope with stress, one of the ways to alleviate that is by means of buying.”

He also said people get attracted when they see many are buying in a store, and whenever they see lots of products displayed. This makes them want to hoard.

The professor acknowledged it is normal to shop and to reward oneself for a job well done, as well as to reduce stress and anxiety. However, once this becomes too much, it could lead to compulsive buying.

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