WHO sends out SOS on vaccine deliveries

The COVAX facility, a multibillion-dollar effort to get billions of vaccine doses to lower-income countries, is facing a supply shortfall of 200 million doses by end-June.

The World Health Organization put out an urgent plea for 20 million AstraZeneca doses to be donated to Africa so people can receive their second jab.

They also said 200 million doses of any WHO-approved jab were urgently needed to ensure 10 percent of Africa can be vaccinated by September.

WHO’s regional director for Africa said, “As supplies dry up, dose-sharing is an urgent, critical and short-term solution to ensuring that Africans at the greatest risk of COVID-19 get the much-needed protection. Africa needs vaccines now. Any pause in our vaccination campaigns will lead to lost lives and lost hope.”

The EU has secured 4.4 billion vaccine doses through 2023, but has only pledged to donate “at least” 100 million this year. The U.S. has promised to share 80 million doses.

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