More flight cancellations, horror stories

One traveler with his 21-month old half Pinoy baby in his arms saw his flight to Manila cancelled three times. Lay-over hotel bookings had to be cancelled last minute, hundreds of dollars down the drain.

Another was given the runaround by the Philippine Embassy in his country as staff didn’t know about the government’s changing travel rules.

Tales of horror, heartbreak, and nightmares just keep on coming as people shared their experiences of the chaos of flying in and out of Manila.

They are mostly foreigners with Philippine visas who desperately want to return to their families in Manila, but can’t travel to the country because of government-imposed travel bans.

These restrictions are meant to contain COVID-19 especially with so many variants now spreading across the globe. Every responsible government should be doing it.

But the restrictions and the process to secure entry exemption requirements are confusing, tedious, and costly.

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