Climate talks resume online as pressure to act grows

For the first time since 2019 and following a flurry of net-zero pledges from the world’s largest emitters, United Nayions climate negotiations resumed Monday in a virtual format less than six months before the crunch COP26 summit.

The talks, hosted by the UN climate change program in the German city of Bonn, are all informal, meaning that no decisions will be taken during the three-week discussions.

But with increasingly dire warnings from scientists that the pace of global warming is already outstripping humanity’s best plan to cut emissions, the pressure for progress on a number of thorny issues is high.

In 2018, countries agreed to many elements of the “rulebook” of the landmark Paris climate agreement signed three years earlier, governing how each nation implements its goals under the deal.

But several issues remain unresolved, including rules about transparency, carbon markets, and a unified timeframe on emissions cuts.

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