McDo disowns post taking a jab at ‘fried towel’ incident

“Our competitor threw in the towel.”

Have you seen this post on social media?

An official from the fast food chain whose logo was used in the image taking a jab at the “fried towel” incident disowned the post circulating online.

“McDonald’s Philippines did not and would not produce or release any disparaging material against any brand,” the chain’s PR and communications senior manager said.

She added, “To reiterate, this piece of content was not made by McDonald’s Philippines and was never posted on any of the brand’s digital assets.”

A post featuring McDo’s logo has gone viral which featured a picture of their chicken with the text: “Our competitor threw in the towel.”

The post has been circulating on Facebook and Twitter but it has not appeared on the fast food chain’s official social media accounts.

It is a direct jab at the issue involving Jollibee‘s bestselling chicken meal in which a customer reported having received a “fried towel.”

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