Walis tambo-wielding man arrested over involvement in US Capitol riot

A man carrying a walis tambo during the January 6 riot of Trump supporters at the US Capitol in Washington, DC was arrested on May 28 in Virginia.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents said they arrested Kene Brian Lazo over charges related to the insurrection that left five dead.

An FBI special agent said they were assigned to investigate a tip about a Facebook user named “Fam Council,” which posted photos of the January 6 riot instigated by then US President Donald Trump himself.

The agent was then able to identify Lazo through photos of the helmet he wore during the riot which carried the name of his company, Rodbustars.

The agent said that during the time of the Capitol riot, the phone number associated with Rodbustars connected to a cell site “consistent with providing service to a geographic area inside the Capitol building.”

A day before the riot, Lazo also posted photos of himself in the outfit he planned to wear.

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