Maternal deaths are on the rise

Pregnancy is tough but it has become even tougher amid a public health crisis wherein medical care is extremely high on demand due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Commission on Population reported that maternal deaths have risen in the country, particularly in Metro Manila, Cebu and Zamboanga.

PopCom executive director Juan Antonio Perez III said that pregnant women could be part of the “collateral damage” in the pandemic.

He cited instances wherein some pregnant women had to be referred from one hospital to another in search of facilities where they can give birth.

Some hospitals, he said, would also advise mothers to give birth in lying-in centers or lower-level hospitals.

Perez said that there are complicated pregnancies which require a higher level of care.

He shared that an analysis made by the University of the Philippines projected the country’s maternal deaths could increase to 1,000 this year.

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