Learn more about social network app ASKfm

Social network app ASKfm has 350 million users. But how did it all start?

ASKfm was launched in 2010. Its main advantage is anonymity. You can discover new friends by asking anonymous questions and be discovered by others, or keep your blog, share secrets without revealing your identity.

Since 2020, the platform has renewed its design, introduced an internal currency of ASKfm coins, launched its own market, an influencer rewards program, secret answers, and a long-awaited subscription package.

The feature of secret answers became very popular during the very first week. People could hide interesting and intriguing answers from prying eyes and “sell” them for coins. In other words, they took advantage of sharing their secret with others.

Today, ASKfm has added a most anticipated feature – Anonymous Chats, to make the communication faster, deeper, and more lifelike. All chats are public, while participants can remain anonymous.

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