Ukraine’s postal service adapts to surge in demand from China

Lockdowns have meant boom times for delivery services all over the world and Ukraine, where more than two-thirds of deliveries come from China, has been no exception.

Online sales jumped 40 percent in 2020, supercharged by a decision to allow tax-free imports up to a value of around 6,000 pesos. That helped increase total trade between Ukraine and China by 21 percent, even as the pandemic curbed business demand.

The director of the International Operations Department of Ukraine’s postal service said her company has formed alliances with Chinese businesses such as AliExpress, Cainiao, Joom, Wish and Gearbest to improve the speed of deliveries. In some cases, that has involved chartering flights to cope with the surge in demand.

As many Ukrainians still choose to pick up deliveries at central post offices, they have had to negotiate some large lines. She says the service is working to make home delivery more attractive.

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