ASEAN nations step up efforts to beat Covid-19 by 2022

ASEAN countries are working towards accessing Covid-19 vaccine sources for large-scale immunization campaigns in a bid to reach herd immunity in 2022, a workshop in Hanoi last week was told.

Vietnamese and foreign experts told the workshop that Covid-19 responding solutions and economic stimulus packages have been sought with the hope to end negative measures of lockdown and social distancing and speed up economic recovery.

The experts analyzed different moves adopted by ASEAN countries to deal with Covid-19 as well as ASEAN cooperation in the endeavors, to offer policy recommendations to regional countries on how to fight the pandemic.

Vietnam, the only ASEAN country to post positive economic growth in 2020, plans to form a one-billion-dollar Covid vaccine fund and has set aside 500 million dollars to speed up vaccine purchases from different sources. It is also working to produce its own vaccines.

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