Vegetarian siopao at Johnlu Koa’s The French Baker now sells like croissants

The vegetarian market has arrived in the Philippines.

Who would have thought that Johnlu Koa, who created a French bakery-cafe after trips to France in the the early ‘80s, would create vegetarian siopao, which is now selling like croissants at his highly popular The French Baker?

Today, 32 years later, The French Baker continues to innovate, coming up with new, unique and yummy products.

His latest offering, which he came up with during the pandemic, is a vegetarian siopao, a quick and light snack for a healthy lifestyle. It is because Koa believes that vegetarian/vegan food has gone mainstream and will be around for many years to come.

Their vegan products that are strictly free of animal products and byproducts are the new vegetarian siopao (which is dairy and egg-free), baguettes, French sourdough, walnut sourdough, 100-percent whole grain, walnut-raisin bread, tortilla, pita, sourdough rye bread, focaccia, and ciabatta, among others.

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