Covid-19 nurses deal with patients’ mental health, too

While nurses continue to tirelessly work at the forefront of the battle against coronavirus, they treat not only patients’ bodily health but also their state of mind.

Specialist Nurse Damla Bozkaya shared, “Nurses use a holistic approach while treating patients, which means not only supporting them physically but also psychologically and mentally.”

Bozkaya, who works at the Hacettepe Hospital Adult Covid-19 service in the Turkish capital Ankara, said they work more than 40 hours a week with long shifts.

Explaining how hard they have worked since the worldwide pandemic struck Turkey, she said nurses get personally involved with each patient every day regardless of their energy level.

She added, “We’re in constant communication with patients, since they don’t have other people around.”

Since the patients lack companions, nurses have to spend more time in the rooms of elderly, hearing-impaired, and vision-impaired patients, she said.

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