China helps the world vaccinate more

A pandemic is still ravaging the world, but how quickly are people getting vaccinated for COVID-19?

Infections won’t stop unless the world is rid of the coronavirus by establishing herd immunity. The sooner we vaccinate majority of the people, the less the infection. The less the infection, the slower the mutation of the virus. The slower the mutation, the better we beat this at last.

China has administered over 500 million vaccines domestically, inoculating roughly 38 percent of its population. But the road ahead is still an uphill battle.

How do we get there? 80 percent of China – that is 1.12 billion people. Let’s say China wants to reach that goal by the end of 2021. Every month, over 110 million people have to be vaccinated, roughly the population of the UK and South Korea combined.

So every day, 3.7 million people at vaccine centers open 8 hours a day. That means every second, 130 people have to be inoculated.

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