Suspects face attempted murder counts in Lady Gaga bulldog heist

Three men were charged with attempted murder and robbery in the theft of singer Lady Gaga’s dogs in February, a crime that saw her dog walker shot on a street in Hollywood.

The suspects are three men ages 18, 19 and 27, and two were also charged with assault, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office said.

The official added, “This was a brazen street crime that left a man seriously wounded.”

The three, described by Los Angeles police as “documented gang members,” allegedly approached Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer while he was out with the singer’s French bulldogs near Sunset Boulevard on February 24.

Two suspects got out of a vehicle and demanded Fischer hand over the pets at gunpoint. He was shot once in a struggle with the two men who fled with two of the dogs, Koji and Gustav, police said.

A third dog, Miss Asia, ran away during the encounter before returning to the wounded dog walker, police said.

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