Belmonte Vows Housing for 10,000 Informal Settlers

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte has vowed to provide housing to around 10,000 informal settler families by the end of her first term.

Belmonte said the local government’s 2022 Local Shelter Plan aims to provide security of land tenure that would be affordable and apt to Housing Code standards. 

The city government aims to implement various programs such as community mortgage, direct sale, in-city housing and relocation of ISFs from waterways within three years.

The local Housing, Community Development and Resettlement Department has identified informal settlers in Barangays Bagong Silangan and Payatas where new structures could be constructed. Data showed there are 213,978 informal settler families in Quezon City.

Belmonte said the local government is mandated by the Constitution to provide security of land tenure through affordable housing to poor families.

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