Dumpster divers

If consumers need to play a role in reducing food waste, so too do supermarkets – perhaps even more so. Copenhagen-based Matt Homewood is what’s known as a dumpster diver, or perhaps more kindly an urban harvester – someone who lives off the food he finds in grocery waste bins.

For some suffering from food poverty, this might be a survival strategy. For an environmentalist like Homewood, it is also a public information service: He takes photos of what he finds and posts them on Instagram – astounding hauls of perfectly arranged, perfectly edible food.

As a private individual, he isn’t able to give the food waste to charities and other organizations on pain of a 1,200-dollar fine, but he does share his hoards from the skips with family and friends.

He shared, “In Denmark, for five months of the year, temperatures rarely get above five degrees Celsius even during the day. So it’s like a giant outside fridge for almost half a year.”

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