Countries mull WHO reform and how to rebuild post-COVID world

Vaccine sharing, strengthening the World Health Organization and adopting a pandemic treaty were among proposals from world leaders on how to halt the COVID-19 pandemic and prevent future health catastrophes.

The WHO kicked off the main annual gathering of its 194 member states with all eyes on the global response to the coronavirus crisis — and what concrete steps can be taken to avert future pandemics.

The United Nations chief told the opening of the 74th World Health Assembly, “We are at war with a virus. We need the logic and urgency of a war economy, to boost the capacity of our weapons.”

With the COVID-19 crisis still raging and wealthy nations hoarding most doses of life-saving vaccines, the WHO’s main decision-making body has plenty to discuss. There is much at stake, with the WHO’s chief saying this year’s assembly was “arguably one of the most important” in the UN health agency’s history.

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