Recruitment open for aspiring cops with new height limit

Police aspirants who earlier applied and now meet the new minimum height requirement are included in this year’s recruitment of police officers.

Philippine National Police chief, General Guillermo Eleazar, announcement this on Friday, after President Duterte signed the law lowering the height requirement for the applicants of the PNP.

He emphasized that physical appearance, specifically height, should not be an obstacle to individuals who want to join the uniformed services.

He added, “Since our applications are online, those who would want to apply who qualifies for the new height requirement which is 5’2” for men and 5 feet for women are welcome to apply. We will process your application.”

However, he said those who would be accommodated under the new law will be on probationary status as they are still awaiting the implementing rules and regulations, as well as the guidance of the National Police Commission.

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