China’s Huawei to launch HarmonyOS for smartphones

Chinese telecom giant Huawei will officially launch its new operating system HarmonyOS for smartphones on June 2, the company said.

HarmonyOS, or Hongmeng in Chinese, is an open-source operating system designed for various devices and scenarios. It was first launched on Internet-of-Things devices including wearables and tablets in August 2019.

Huawei expects devices equipped with HarmonyOS to reach 300 million by end-2021, including over 200 million for Huawei devices.

The vice president of Huawei’s AI and all-scenario intelligence unit said the Shenzhen-headquartered company will cooperate with app and hardware developers to use its latest operating system to provide new services for customers.

Analysts see HarmonyOS as an alternative to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Chinese industries including home appliances, sports and fitness, travel, entertainment and education have welcomed the launch of HarmonyOS.

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